About Us

Bike Sherpa provides high quality 24 hours a day, seven days a week, service available throughout the country. We are dedicated bikers ourselves and we understand what your two wheeled wonder means to you! Therefore, we will not falter on professionalism or quality, we are committed to provide the quickest, the safest, and the most reliable service that you as a customer and a biker could expect. Whether you are a company or a lone bike rider, you can be confident that Bike Sherpa will get the job done.

Bike Sherpa is insured under a specific motorcycle transport motor trade policy. While many motorcycle transporters improvise, having only a commercial ‘Goods in Transit” policy, we are insured to carry unto £50k worth of motorcycles with public liability and indemnity insurance. Our insurance certificates are available for inspection on request. Why take a risk with poorly insured motorcycle transport operators? Use the professionals!

Feel free to contact us for more details about insurance policy.

How Bike Sherpa operates?

It is so easy! Make a call, answer a few questions, and forget about the rest. We will take the load until task is complete and your bike is delivered to the intended destination.

Information we require:

  • Pick up and drop off post code with house name or number. We can also come to your work location, airports or ports.
  • Date and time of pick up and drop off.
  • Make and model of bike.
  • If there are any mitigating factors (bike is in pieces or it does not run, location of the bike is not easily accessible, etc) please let us know in advance so we can prepare properly.
  • Any further implied tasks, such as transport of leathers, helmets, tires, etc.
    Once we get necessary information we will come up with a plan to best suit your requirements and will send a confirmatory email with a quotation.

You can be confident that Bike Sherpa will offer good value without compromising standards.

Meet the team

Sean Curley
Sean Curley

Managing Director

I'm passionate about all things that run on two wheels, even without a motor fitted! My dream has always been to work within the bike industry. Setting up Bike Sherpa and being able to interact with like-minded people on a daily basis has been a dream come true.

Antonio Curley
Antonio Curley

Operations Manager

Like my father, I am a big bike fan. After working in the logistics industry for couple of years, joining Bike Sherpa was a logical choice. I'm enjoying making this job a great journey for Bike Sherpa and for our clients. We're all about providing an excellent service, every time.


I have used Sean on many many occasions to move bike for me and there has never been any problems.  The communication is excellent and always delivered on time and within budget.  The bikes are always secured to a high standard whether there a classic or a cruiser.  I would highly recommend Sean before even looking anywhere else.

Gavin Jones, Harvey’s Delivery Solutions, Chester.
Your bike makes the journey matter